Snow Rallarvegen

Rallarvegen Report

Updated 12 July 2018

The bike season is on, and the whole route is now possible to ride.

The conditions along Rallarvegen are currently:


No snow on this part, and the most of the road is in good conditions after the winter. If you want to ride this part the bike rental in Haugastøl is now open every day from 08.30. If you want to ride from Finse to Haugastøl you can take the train from Haugastøl at 10.30. Rental bikes are free to bring on the train, just make sure you are at the rental at least one hour before the train departs to pick up your bike. This part of Rallarvegen is suitable for kids, and long as they can bike independently. (or sit in a trolley).


There is now only a few patches of snow, and everyone can ride this part now. The route is rocky in places, so kids should be skilled to ride here. (read more on the About Rallarvegen page).

There is a daily train from Finse at 11:00 where you can bring your bike. (ticket purchased at NSB). There is also a train in the afternoon, but with very limited space for bicycles. (must be pre-booked). So you could ride from Haugastøl to Finse and then take the train to Hallingskeid and ride the last part to Flåm.


The roadwork at Klevagjelet is coming to an end. There is still some work being done, but its possible to ride past.

Please note that there is no fence towards the river below at the moment so we strongly advice to walk and not bike while passing here. There will be a lot of work being done on the route this summer, so we advice to bike slowly and walk in the places where the road is in bad shape.

Apart from this the stretch is completely snow-free and passable for all cyclists. Be aware that there are stretches we recommend to walk with the bike as the snow melt has taken its toll on the road. Children should as always be skilled and confident bikers to ride this section.