Rallarvegen Klevagjelet

Rallarvegen packages

Simplify your Rallarvegen biking experience with our comprehensive packages, which include everything you need to enjoy the journey. Stay at our hotel in Haugastøl, and we'll take care of your train tickets, meals and provide rental bikes. It's a hassle-free way to explore the Rallarvegen. Scroll down to see our different options.

Rallar package

Season: 6.July - 18.September

Duration: 2 nights / 3 days

Package includes:
Two nights accommodation in Haugastøl.
Two days bike rental incl delivery in Flåm. (Rallar Haugastøl)
One train ticket from Haugastøl to Finse or Hallingskeid.
One train ticket from Flåm to Haugastøl. (Flåmsbana included)

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Our most popular package!

This package includes two nights accommodation in our apartments in Haugastøl with two days bike rental and train tickets.

Everything you need to ride the Rallarvegen in two days!

Haugastøl is your base throughout your stay. This makes it very flexible in what distances you want to cycle, and what day you want to ride it. Since you are based in one place for the whole trip you have an added bonus of not having to bike with any luggage.

There are a few possible itineraries for this package, but our recommendation is the following:

Day 1: Arrival/Check in Haugastøl afternoon / evening. If you arrive early you can grab a bike and bike towards Finse and back before dinner.

Day 2: Pick up of rental bikes in our bike shop. Most guests take the train to Finse and bike the beautiful ride down to Flåm. Alternatively you can take the train to Hallingskeid if you want a shorter and easier trip. When you get to Flåm you return you bike at our rental located by the train station. Then you get on the train back to Haugastøl for another nights accommodation.

Day 3: If you didn't bike on your arrival day, you can get a bike a cycle the route towards Finse and back. Or explore one of our two Nationalparks on foot before you depart.

Its also possible to extend the package with extra nights if you want to combine your trip with a guided tour on the Hardangerjøkulen glacier.

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The last possible day to book a package is 17. September. Please note that you have to book "Minipackage or Rallarpackage" to have bikes/tickets included.


Season: 1.July - 18.September

Duration: One or two nights.

Package includes:
Accommodation in Haugastøl.
One day bike rental (Rallar Haugastøl model)
One train ticket from Haugastøl to Finse.

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The best intro to Rallarvegen, and the perfect start for families.

The tour is perfect for families with young children or those who are not accustomed to cycling and want a relaxed introduction to the Rallarvegen. This is the least demanding stretch of the Rallarvegen since the road quality is good without long rocky sections.

In this package, you will cycle the stretch from Finse to Haugastøl. The tour is 28 km long, starting at an altitude of 1222 meters above sea level in Finse and ending at 1000 meters above sea level in Haugastøl. This means that the tour is mostly flat and downhill.

The tour usually takes 2-4 hours at a leisurely pace, but it is possible to make stops along the way for hiking or to take a refreshing swim in the meltwater from Hardangerjøkulen, turning it into a full-day trip. There is also plenty of time for a visit to the Rallar Museum in Finse to learn more about the history of the Rallarvegen.

If you wish to extend the bike ride in this package, you can cycle from Finse towards Fagernut (the highest point of the Rallarvegen) and then return to Finse and back to Haugastøl. The total cycling distance would then be 50 km.

The package includes accommodation, rental bike (model Rallar Haugastøl) for one day, and a train ticket from Haugastøl to Finse for one person.

The train in the package departs from Haugastøl at 10:27.

Dinner and breakfast can be booked as part of the package.

All apartments have fully equipped kitchens, so it is also possible to prepare all meals in the apartment.

The package can be booked with either one or two nights at Haugastøl. (On weekends in August and September, a minimum of two nights must be booked).

Prices start at 1465 NOK per person (price depends on the type of apartment, bike, and the time you want to cycle). For all prices and options, click on "book" below. Please note that you have to book "Minipackage or Rallarpackage" to have bikes/tickets included.

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The last possible day to book a package is 17. September.