Snow Drift


Eco Lighthouse

Haugastøl is located literally in the middle of the mountains, and we (and our guests) appreciate the unique nature we have around us. This means we are deeply involved with preserving and protecting nature.

Since 2003 we have been an approved eco lighthouse hotel. Eco lighthouse is Norway's most widely used certificate for businesses that demonstrate their environmental performance and show social responsibility. Being Eco involves systematic work on environmental measures on a daily basis. Our hotel complies with the requirements and implementing measures for a more environmentally friendly operation and a good working environment.

Eco lighthouse have custom requirements for different industries and certificate awarded by an independent assessment. We deliver an annual environmental report and every three years we are re-certified.

There is no doubt that having a hotel in the mountains requires a high use of energy. Most of our energy consumption goes into heating the hotel and hot water. We are continuously working hard to keep our power consumption as low possible.

Below you can see the most important measures that have been implemented in recent years:

New windows

In the spring of 2015 we changed all our windows in our type A apartments, restaurant and mountainrooms (40 windows) to 3 layer windows with a U- Value of only 0,6 W/mK. This is in compliance with Norwegian standard for low energy housing.

Heat pump and and cables installed in Slødtfjorden in 2003 (upgraded in May 2014)

We have several km of cables submerged in the lake outside the hotel that via a heatpump gives both heating and hotwater to our apartments. We add about 10 kWh to the heatpump, and get around 40 kWh back. In other words, a huge energy saving. All of the type B and D apartments have floor heating that is heated directly from the heat pump. Cost effective heating for us, great for the environment and comfortable floor heating for you as a guest.

We buy power from Ustekveikja Energy

Ustekveikja is our local power company. All the power they produce is local environmentally friendly hydropower. The power plant itself is located 8 km west of Haugastøl along Rallarvegen and utilizes a 110m waterfall between Tunga Lake and Bergsmulfjorden.


-From 2013 we initiated a project where we within the next few years will replace all bulbs/lights to energy-saving LED bulbs. This will reduce our consumption considerably.

Waste sorting

  • Together with our guests, we sort our waste. Glass, metal and cardboard/paper are sorted separately.

We hope that our guests appreciate our efforts and help us during your stay at Haugastøl!