Expedition Training

It's no secret that Haugastøl at times offers challenging weather! During the winter months the surrounding areas offer similar conditions to Antarctica and the Greenland icecap. Expedition training An increasing number of guests come to Haugastøl to improve their routines and gains new skills before big expeditions. With our location right between the east and west of Norway we have to different weather systems in close proximity. In a normal day you can choose if you want windy, calm or snowy conditions for your training just be moving less than 30 min in the car. Two SkiersHardangervidda National Park with its flat plains and Hallingskarvet National with its capricious weather and high peaks offer training unique opportunities.

In the recent years polar explorers have discovered that kites can be valuable tool to cover longer distances in a shorter time. Lessons and guided trips can be booked directly at the hotel.

Haugastøl also has its own expeditions company. Expeditions365 offers polar training courses, logistics for big expeditions and snowkiting related expeditions courses. Expedition Skiers